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Hi, I’m Terri; they call me the Seawench. You’ll find me at the shack taking reservations and working the rentals.

I was born in Vermont and moved to Florida at a young age. It’s then that I came to love the water.

I worked at the Englewood Water District for 15 years in the customer service and billing department; retiring in 2000.

I was introduced to kayaking after I retired and worked in a local shop for 13 years. I meet Paige in 2011 and she introduced me to the SUP world; as we say at the shack; I was hooked. I enjoy introducing and educating people about our local waters and water sports.

Come hop on a board or kayak and join in the fun.

Hope to see you at the shack.

  • “Hooker Dictionary”

    HOOKER [hoo k-er]

    (Nown) A "hooker" is someone who is absolutely passionate and "hooked" on stand up paddleboarding!

    HOOKER HANGOUT [hoo k-er hang-out]

    (Nown / Verb) This occurs when the Hookers all get together and paddle or drink beer at the shack and just "hangout"

    HOOKER HELPER [hoo k-er hel-per]

    (Nown) When one or more Hooker comes to the aid of another Hooker who is tired, stressed, overworked, or just needs a bloody mary with her lunch, a good laugh, or to know you will kill her enemy for her...so one or more Hookers will come to her aid!

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