paige-hookerPaige Bakhaus

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Founder/Owner Hooked On SUP

PaddleFit Level 3, PaddleFit Affiliate, World

Paddle Association Class 1, SUP Yoga Instructor

Certified, Florida Master Naturalist- Coastal,

CPR, AED, and First Aid Certified

I’m a lifelong water lover and natural athlete who has always tended to lean towards sports that take me into nature, outside the box, or just a little on the daring edge. So when I discovered stand up paddle boarding in 2010 it was a perfect match. I’m proud to be a PaddleFit “Original”, graduating from one of the earliest PaddleFit Levels 1 & 2 coaching classes in February 2011, which is when I immediately opened my business Hooked On SUP and started offering lessons and guided tours. SUP (Stand Up Paddle) was still very new on the SW coast of Florida at the time and I quickly became known as the local expert and Hooked On SUP the place to go if you wanted to learn proper technique and safety. I’ve always been a strong advocate for the need for all instructors to be certified and is happy to say she’s played a role in bringing many people across the country into the PaddleFit family as Certified instructors.

I became PaddleFit Level 3 certified and a PaddleFit Affiliate in September 2014 and took 4 of my friends and Hooked On SUP staff members with me to also become PaddleFit Certified. You have probably heard this gang of girls from Hooked On SUP often called “Hookers” and this might have made you wonder slightly about the things happening at this new place doing new things on the water called Hooked On SUP. And we think that’s fantastic.  Customers have often called us that over the years because of how easily the girls get people hooked on paddling. So the name has stuck and we are proud of it! Along with my team of “Hookers” (a band of sunny, salty, unsinkable girls who paddle hard, chase the sun, and worship the sea, are committed to being fearless leaders & SUP ambassadors) work 7 days a week, 12 months a year at the Hooked On SUP paddle shack located at Don Pedro Island State Park in Placida, FL. Hooked On SUP is surrounded by some of the most pristine and beautiful beaches and waterways still available in the State of Florida which offers the perfect opportunity to introduce people to stand up paddling while also showing and teaching them about the local wildlife. On almost every tour, lesson, or PaddleFit class paddlers see dolphins, manatees, sea stars, live shells, stingrays… the possibilities are almost endless. So in addition to being PaddleFit Level 2 or Level 3, most of our coaches have also been certified as Florida Master Naturalists. We also offer SUP Yoga classes several times a week taught by an experienced Certified 200 Hr RYT Yoga Instructor and PaddleFit Level 2 coach.

  • “Hooker Dictionary”

    HOOKER [hoo k-er]

    (Nown) A "hooker" is someone who is absolutely passionate and "hooked" on stand up paddleboarding!

    HOOKER HANGOUT [hoo k-er hang-out]

    (Nown / Verb) This occurs when the Hookers all get together and paddle or drink beer at the shack and just "hangout"

    HOOKER HELPER [hoo k-er hel-per]

    (Nown) When one or more Hooker comes to the aid of another Hooker who is tired, stressed, overworked, or just needs a bloody mary with her lunch, a good laugh, or to know you will kill her enemy for one or more Hookers will come to her aid!

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